During this trying time, we find ourselves in, we have been forced to make numerous changes to our lesson program.

The lessons will only take place on Sundays and Mondays, days on which the store is closed.

There will be 3 lesson rooms in entirely areas of the store, the students will be staggered coming to, and leaving the lessons.

Instructors would be responsible for entry and departure of all students, exiting students must be out of store before next student is allowed in.

There is a dedicated bathroom where students will be required to wash their hands, then spray hands with sanitizer before proceeding into lesson room.

All students must wear a mask during lessons, and must refrain from touching any instrument other than the lesson room instrument.

The cost per lesson is $25.00, all lessons in the session must be paid in full prior to starting lessons, under no circumstances can a student start until lessons are paid for. There will be no staff available on these days, and the instructors do not have the ability to take payments, so please make sure to come in and pay for lessons when the store is open. Any lessons cancelled will be refunded or applied to the payment in the next session.

If a student, or any member of their family is ill, they must not come in for a lesson, if an instructor feels that a student is ill, they will be able to cancel the lesson instantly. Our regular policy for no cancellations is not in play during this time, and because the store is not open, we realize last minute cancellations will happen without being able to notify the instructor. Hopefully nobody will take advantage of this, but any students who make a habit of missing lessons will be asked to give up their allotted time.

The same applies for instructors, they must not attempt to teach lessons on any given day if they are ill, or members of their family are ill.

If we all work together, we will be able to make this work safely.