The Music Plant has closed its doors for the last time on Dec30,2023

It has now reopened as the newest Long and McQuade store in the chain.

Some things will obviously change with this cross over, but one of the most important things will not…the same friendly staff will still be there to assist you and look after your, the customers, needs. There will be some moments where patience will be required as the staff get accustom to the new sales system, so please, give them the patience to get things right.

The layout of the store has already changed and there will be many more changes coming. There will be a full rental department, Gibson guitars will now be part of the store stock, instore leasing and financing as well. Something that a small independent store could not offer!

One thing that will not change at its present location, will be the iconic neon Music Plant sign. It will remain in place, brightening the day, and night sky, guiding you to the store! As things change, some things remain the same.

Once again thank you to all the people who have frequented and supported the store over all these years. It’s been a pleasure to have been part of so many people’s musical dreams.