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Epiphone 'Viola' Bass

The 'Viola' bass gained mass recognition during the Brtish Invasion era. It has stood the test of time thanks to it's woody, round tone and striking looks. This 'like new' bass comes complete with a hardshell case.


 Squier Mini


Fender Squier Mini Strat 3/4 Scale Electric Guitar

A red Fender Mini Strat guitar in excellent condition! 3/4 scale, with a fresh set up and brand new strings to boot! Great for a younger beginner looking to get into music. 







1951/52 Vega C56 Archtop Guitar

Here is something you don't see everyday. A vintage 1951 or 52 Vega C56 F hole style guitar. Very rare and in very good condition for its age. Birds eye maple sides and flame maple back. The serial number for the guitar is 39367, stamped onto the top of the headstock. All tuners work fine, although the G string tuner is slightly bent. Definitely shows some buckle rash on the back, but nothing very serious. Come and check out this piece of history for only 









Consignment Items for Sale
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Misc. Drum Hardware

Pearl Single-Braced Hi-Hat Stand                       -$80


Sonor 5 Piece Acoustic Drum Kit

Black Sonor Acoustic Drum Kit for sale. Complete with everything you need to get playing! Come in and check it out today.



Oscar Schmidt OS21C Autoharp

Beautiful Autoharp for sale in great shape! Maple body with rock maple pin block. 21 Chords. Super fun to play and really easy to learn. 





Dave Weckl Signature Snare

13" x 5" 6-ply maple shell featuring two snare/two strainer design for a variety of sounds. Come in and test it out today!



 1973 Traynor Guitar Mate 18W Amp

Traynor 18W All Tube Guitar Amplifier for sale. Has built in Tremolo setting. Missing one knob. Has 2 inputs and a treble boost switch, and enough volume to make your ears ring! Come check it out today. 




 Yamaha Clarinet

Needs new cork. Otherwise in good working condition.



 Korg M1

 Korg M1 2



Korg M1 Music Workstation Synthesizer

Check out the legendary synthesizer that defined an era of music! The Korg M1 Music Workstation was and still is a workhorse when it comes to synths. Tons of great built in functions to play and experiment with. In good condition, with normal use wear. The bend/mod stick has been damaged and glued back together previously. Comes with original manuals and an X stand.



KR3000 2

 Roland KR3000 Digital Keyboard

Roland KR3000 Digital Keyboard in good condition. Full size with weighted keys and 3 foot pedals. All keys and buttons work properly, although a few buttons are a little bit sticky. Has enough functions and buttons to keep anyone busy. Stereo in and out, Midi, andheadphone ports. All for the price of