Jonathan Appelton-Jones


Jonathan has been teaching both guitar and bass at the Music Plant for well over 20 years.  He is experienced in dealing with all levels of technique and musicianship, ranging from beginners with no experience to guitar players looking to complete their theory and more advanced guitar  technique .  His areas of expertise include classical , jazz, fingerstyle, composition, improvisation as well as theory.  He is also great with kids and adult beginners.


Jonathan is available for bookings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


Bill Young


Bill Young has been playing guitar for many years, with electric and acoustic guitar being his main axes of choice.  He is great with beginners of all ages, as well as students looking to work on improvisation.  Being a retired school-teacher, Bill is great with kids and has an energetic personality, and helps his students improve their musical creativity.  Not only is Bill great with the technical aspects of guitar playing, but also with recording.  His previous teaching experience at Carihi was academic based, and music based as he taught both the guitar program, as well as the Music Composition program.  Music Composition was aimed at helping students record their songs and begin explore their creativity.  His great ear for tone and creating great guitar is a great asset for any musician to have.

Bill is available for bookings on Wednesdays.


Roger Young

Roger brings along his 50 years of guitar playing experience with the aim of sharing his wisdom with others. He is comfortable in a variety of styles from Classical to Blues and Rock. Roger is comfortable teaching site reading and inprovisation alike. He has many years of experience teaching through Sound of Music in Abbotsford. He likes to keep guitar creative and his aproach is individualized for each student. 


Roger is available for bookings on Thursday.





Janet Bartier


Janet is an experienced teacher of RCM Levels to Grade 10 and music theory, but she also enjoys students, both children and adults, who study solely for pleasure.
With an Associate in teaching piano from Trinity College of Music, London, and a BA in Liberal Studies from VIU, Janet has been teaching for over thirty years. She has also published ESL readers and other educational materials for teachers and students. As a proponent and practiser of lifelong-learning, she studies jazz piano and flute.


Janet is available for bookings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Barbara Homoncik

Barbara has been teaching at The Music Plant for a number of years, in both piano and vocal.  She loves teaching female vocal, beginner to advanced piano for both children and adults and does some theory work as well. When she is not teaching, Barbara  is playing live music and is an avid singer-songwriter, public speaker, and author.  Click here for her website to check some of her music out!


Barbara is available for bookings on Thursdays and Saturdays, with limited vocal spots available during the year.





Dallas Carrie


Dallas Carrie has been playing drums for over 32 years.  He studied with Greg Bowman, a professional drummer from elementary school through high school, and also travelled extensively in Canada with school bands and won numerous awards while doing so.  He was one of the best 30 musicians, beating out over 10,000 Canadian musicians to be a part of the "Canadian Youth on Tour", and got to travel through Europe after competing in the Canadian National Jazz Festival in Toronto. 
His drumming education continued throughout his adult life, as he won a scholarhsip to attend the Institute of Communication Arts in Vancouver (now a part of BCIT).  Since his extensive training, Dallas has played a vast array of genres including rock, jazz, latin, reggae, funk, country, ska, and punk music.  He has been the drummer for the following bands: The Molly Hogans, Kenny Shaw, Blue Collar, and Switchback. 


Dallas is available for bookings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.




Felipe Sequira


Felipe and his family have been teaching Ukulele in Campbell River for over a decade. He is an accomplished teacher who can instruct students of all ages. He is able to teach all styles of music on the ukulele. 


Felipe is available for bookings on Mondays and Wednesdays.




Karina Volchkova


Karina has extensive experience as a teacher and student on the violin. Moving to CampbellRiver recently, she is now looking to sharing her experience and knowledge with the next generation. Some of her experiences include contracts with the Hitlon Hotel in Sharjah, UAE and the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Guiyang, China. Her musical education has spanned over a decade from I. Karabits Musical College to S.S. Prokofiev State Music Academy.