Lesson Policy

Music Plant Lesson Policies and Rates 2017-2018


The Music Plant's lesson policies are based around 30 minute, one-on-one, private instruction at The Music Plant.  Session lessons are booked on a weekly basis, while drop-in lessons are booked on a one-time basis.

     Lesson Rates:

• Session Rate - $25.00 CDN per lesson 
There are 3 sessions per year, based around the school terms:

1) Fall (September-December) 
2) Winter (January-March)
3) Spring (April-June)

*Please note that The Music Plant follows the SD72 school calendar year.  All students get the same winter, spring, and summer breaks as SD72.

The session rate applies to students who have committed and prepaid for the entire session of lessons. We accept the following methods of payment for session rates:

1) Entire session paid in full 

2) First month paid in full with monthly post-dated cheque, Visa, or Mastercard authorization to be made payable on the 1st day of each month.

• Drop-in Rate is $30.00 CDN per lesson

A "drop in" student is a student who can only commit to one lesson at a time. Because our session students have top priority, a drop-in must be booked 24 hours in advance everytime.  This is a one-time booking.

Drop-in students must call in each week to confirm their spot, as session rate students have priority. The payment for each lesson must be made before the beginning of each lesson.

Payment is due before the student starts their lesson; students will not be allowed to start until payment is received.

Cancellation Policy:


The ONLY EXCEPTION is if a teacher must cancel a lesson.  The student will automatically get a credit for that lesson. 

If the teacher has space available for a make-up because of this reason, a lesson may be scheduled.  Because some of our teachers have limited space available, this may not be possible.

If a student cancels a lesson make-up lessons are up to the teacher's discretion and must be discussed between the student and the teacher. 

Student Recital:
We will have a student recital late in the spring session; the students will be encouraged to participate but are not obligated to do so.


Homeschool Programs (e-Blend, H.C.O.S, etc...)

If a student is using a home-school-funded program to use for payment of lessons, The Music Plant must have the

following information:

The "request for invoice" paperwork from the parent on behalf of the student.  Depending on the program, this might have a few different names, but it is essentially the contact information for the accouting department of the home-school program.  Please have this prepared for the first lesson so that we can fax off the request for payment for the teacher.